Bikepacking Hacks - Tent Poles

A list of bikepacking hacks, shortcuts and DIY tricks to help you get out there with stuff you already have…

By definition, a hack is a trick, shortcut, or novelty method that increases efficiency, and/or decreases cost. Here is a running list of bikepacking hacks that we’ve gathered over the years. Have a hack or DIY trick of your own that’s not listed here? Send us an email (pedalingnowhere at gmail dot com) and include a photo. If it fits, we’ll add it to the list and give you credit.

1. Electrical Tape Cage Mounts

Bikepacking Hacks - Tape Cage Mounts

Save your frame warranty and use tape. This is a must-try method for securing cages (or tubes, or a pump, or a can of beans, or anything for that matter) to your undrilled frame or fork. For a secure mount, use about 2/3 of a roll of electrical tape. The Lezyne power cages work great for this. To protect your frame, apply a little tape where the cage will make contact. The two cages above just lasted three bikepacking trips totaling over 300 miles over the rugged southwest, and they are still intact. Also, tape a spare tube somewhere. The great thing about electrical tape is that is comes off easily without residue.

2. Strap it to the handlebars.

Bikepacking Hacks - Handlebar Bag

This is the incredibly simple technique enables anyone with a sleeping bag to take a bikepacking trip. Almost any cylindrical object can be strapped up front… a tent, sleeping bag, dry bag, fly rod, etc.; and almost any kind of straps will do. I recommend Salsa straps, or…

3. Voile Straps

Bikepacking Hacks - Straps

Skyler turned me on to these ski touring gems. They are essentially durable rubber straps that can be used to tightly secure absolutely anything to your bike. Here they are shown replacing the cap strap on a Modula oversized cage, but they can also be used to lash a dry bag to the handlebars… or make camp sandals out of tree bark.

4. Drybag Seatbag

bikepacking drybag seatpag

Don’t have a fancy seat bag? Here is a classic gearless dirtbag trick. Use a sturdy dry bag and clip the roll top around the seatpost/seat tube. Then secure the upper portion by wrapping a strap around the seat rails. If you are storing clothes in the dry bag, add an additional strap or include something rigid to prevent it from flopping around.

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