A bicycle with disc brakes can present some challenges when it comes to attaching fenders and, sometimes, racks. Especially tricky is the front wheel where the brake caliper is bolted onto the adapter on the back side of the left fork blade. In my experience the Gilles Berthoud stainless steel fenders are the perfect fender for the Surly Disc Trucker, or the Long Haul Trucker for that matter. The single stay for both front and rear fenders is easier to deal with than the double stay design of most composite material fenders. The stays attach low on the backside of the front fender which not only looks elegant but routes the stay below the front brake caliper.

Having installed dozens of these fender sets, it occurred to me that some people might be interested in a short tutorial on how to go about it. So hopefully this will be useful.

A person could get by with a Dremel cutoff tool or a hacksaw instead of the bolt cutters. Everything else is pretty essential. Only one hole needs to be drilled and that in the rear fender at the brake bridge.

– Drill with a sharp 5mm or 13/64″ bit. – Cloth tape measure or a piece of string to find the center of the fender. – 10mm and 7mm socket or box wrenches – 3mm and 2.5mm hex wrenches – Bolt cutters or Dremel tool with a cutoff blade. (A hacksaw will work in a pinch). – Metal file – Metal punch to start drill bit – Permanent marker (Sharpie)

The Gilles Berthoud fenders are packaged with an eyebolt or “daruma” bolt for the front fender. Berthoud assumes the bike will have either sidepull or centerpull brakes and the eye of the daruma bolt slips over the brake bolt and dangles down out of the bottom of the fork steer tube. If your bike has cantilever or disc brakes you will need a 5mm or 6mm bolt long enough to go completely through the fork crown (Hopefully your bike has a hole drilled through) with enough thread left over to screw on a nut with a lock washer. A 35mm bolt usually is long enough for this.

Installing Berthoud Fenders on the Surly Disc Trucker




The Bike Hermit explains how he installs stainless steel fenders. He gives a list of tools required and the hardware included in the fender package.