Product Description

Description Round stay are sold individually, not as a pair. Roundstays are used to attach your Rear Rack to your seat stays in case the original roundstays that come with the carrier does not fit the specifics of your bike. Tubus roundstays come in several different lenght: 180mm, 190mm, 220mm, 240mm, and 350mm. They also come as straight roundstays or rounded roundstays with several different off-set to match your bike needs in case the mounting angle need to be adjusted : 5mm off-set, 8mm, 12mm, and 35mm. Most Tubus rounstays come in 3 different colors: sliver, black, and titanium color. If your bike does not have any eyelets to mount hte rack, you can use the Tubus Clamp Set. In order to choose the correct roundstay, you may want to make a template using a coat hanger and then measure the lenght and the off-set adjustment if needed. All Tubus roundstay can be used on Racktime Racks as well. Specifications Every roundstays are made out of Alu-solid. Art. 31901 190mm / straight / black Art. 31903 190mm / straight / titanium Art. 31902 190mm / straight / silver Art. 32401 240mm / straight / black Art. 32403 240mm / straight / titanium Art. 32402 240mm / straight / silver Art. 33501 350mm / straight / black Art. 33502 350mm / straight / silver Art. 31911 190mm / 5 mm off-set / black Art. 31912 190mm / 5 mm off-set / silver Art. 31921 190mm / 8 mm off-set / black Art. 31922 190mm / 8 mm off-set / silver Art. 31931 190mm / 12 mm off-set / black Art. 31932 190mm / 12 mm off-set / silver Art. 31811 180mm / 35 mm off-set / black Art. 32211 220mm / 35 mm off-set / black